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EsKimoves is a place for me to document my travel. I feel I’m getting the most of life when I’m bouncing around and discovering new and exciting places. Everything from beautiful mountains to gritty cities and anything delicious I can consume along the way. It is my mission to have a list of suggestions for my friends whenever they ask about any place in the world! 

Is this a travel blog?

Yes. I want to share my adventures and experiences with you! I always try to hit up the verified top 10 lists you see on Google, Trip Advisor, Fromers… but then I also try to make my own! I want this site to be a collection of my own tailored lists. Eskimoves hopes to give you the chance to feel like a local even when you are very clearly a tourist.

Is this a food blog?

My travels always revolve around my next meal and drink so inevitably, yes.

Is this a fashion blog?

If my outfits inspire you I am flattered! I try to keep it comfortable when I’m on the go but also cute since, ya know, Instagram photos.

If you somehow found yourself on this page, thanks for stopping by. Hope you like it and if you have any suggestions of your own to share about a certain city, LMK! I’ll be making my first post in the next upcoming week so stay tuned!


Es Kim

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    1. Kyoto is definitely all about the shines and palaces. Inari Shrine is amazing! Nijo Castle! Make sure you do these things on two separate days otherwise there won’t be enough time! Arashiyama bamboo forest!!!! If you like the history it’s an amazing city.


  1. Estheeer, you should definitely try latam cities. Buenos Aires is gorgeous (specially at night) and Santiago is stunning too! I think you should give it a try, it would also change your blog a lot since what you visit is mostly Europe and Asia 👀

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  2. Hello Esther!

    Just a quick comment from New Zealand.

    I am really looking forward to reading your posts and seeing what travel advice you offer (I am a travel novice)! I am also super excited about your foodie adventures!

    Best wishes and cheers to a successful blog!

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  3. Omfg you should definitely visit Hunza and Skardu in Pakistan, then onto Khunjerab Pass and Kashmir. These are such beautiful places, with a lot of history tied to the Mughal era. Plus the publicity would do the local tourism and handicrafts industry a LOT of good!

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  4. I love you instagram posts so I can’t wait for this new project. Thank you for doing this beauty! Hope you can go one day to my country Ecuador 😉 what tips do you have for Europe because I’m going next year. Lots of love

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  5. Hello esther, I am so excited to see, read all your publications, I love your photos, they are so natural, I love Japanese and we want to see more of you and Japanese.
    Atte ali

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  6. Can’t wait to read more about your adventures. Do you have any plans to write about any out-of-the-way spots you’ve discovered in your stateside travels?


  7. You should definitely come to Ireland! The culture and music and food here is amazing! I definitely think you would enjoy Dublin City with the night life and the little traditional bars! You should check it out sometime


  8. Hey. I think that this is a good idea. I mean, while you are traveling the world, we are kind of going it with you, thru the blog.
    And I dont mean to get a lot of preasure on you (i dont know how to spell it) But you should wisit Norway sometime. I dont know about the money or how much it cost, but you should


  9. Hi Esther! I can’t wait to see all the wonderful travels you go on, your beautiful photos and of course the food!! I am Irish-American so there are 9 of us kids. We are always cooking. Growing up we shared all the details. I have some food allergies so I have to be careful with seafood. Carry an Epi-pen with me always which sucks. I want to try sushi but that’s asking for a free trip to the ER. I still make it though. I love cooking for hubby when he isn’t deployed. He’s in South Korea now on detail. So I moved my 4 younger siblings in with me, I adopted 2 of them. Our mother, things are just better now. I have been showing them recipes my grandma used to make and we love to all make dinner together or trying a new place. We travel when my hubby gets a new duty station. That’s when I travel. I really can’t wait to see all you post. I always wanted a blog but I can’t write things in correct format at all. So I’m just an Influenster. I get to test and keep plus sometimes paid to try things out and write honest reviews.


  10. Have you ever been to Portugal? If not, come to Porto (and also Lisbon) .. I think you will love it! The Portuguese food, and Porto’s particular cuisine, is quite unique and special; here you have an amazing balance between nature and city life, awesome monuments and architecture.. Overall, it’s a beautiful and incredible city 😊😘

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  11. Baku, Azerbaijan for the Formula 1 Race 2019! Plus, mud volcanoes, a carpet museum actually shaped like a giant carpet, and a mix of architectural styles all in one place that might make your head spin.

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    1. Hello, I am Turkish.i can help you with sightseeing.places to visit in istanbul.Galata tower,kız kulesi,ayasofya,eminönü..sorry i don’t know english so bad english.I’m communicating with you with the help of translation.In some cities will be visited Turkey in Izmir, Antalya Denizli Muğla Rize Trabzon nevşehir kapadokya.Make sure Turkish food is famous all over the world, but I’m sure you’ll love it.Turks love their guests.and finally you want to reach my social account instagram gamzetrkmnoglu


  12. I think you would like Iceland. Yes Iceland. It is beautiful here and a lot to see. Even though the weather isn’t always the nicest it is still very beautiful. The seafood here is also great and no I’m not talking sharks. Or maybe if you like shark then I am.

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  13. Ever thought about visiting Finland? It’s pretty amazing in summer! Ofcourse Lapland is at it’s best during winter. Northern lights, Santa Claus, reindeer… 🙂


  14. Have you been to Germany yet?
    Or do you have any plans of traveling there?
    As a German I am interested in where in Germany you would plan to go, which city/area attracts you, where you would think one might have the ultimate „German Experience“, what would be on your To-Do-List when going there?

    Happy travels!


  15. Your blog Es Kim is amazing! i love the whole idea of create this blog that you can share your experiences with us and i wish from the depths of my heart continue to travel and make New memories to upload!

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  16. Hi Esther. We saw that you are enjoying some vacay in Hawaii. Would you consider doing a map pack or restaurants and just describe your experience? Thank you. Enjoy your time.


  17. Hey, Esther! I was looking for travel websites when I stumbled upon yours! May I suggest that you visit the Philippines? Food here is great and the hospitality is just top notch!! It also doesn’t hurt that there are one too many amazing beaches here!! Hoping to see you visit the PH soon!!


  18. I’ve just returned from Peru, it’s incredible! So many rich in colour and culture, amazing cities, the magical Machu Picchu, sand dunes at Ica, with a real Oasis, Nasca lines, Lake Titikaka with it’s floating reed islands, volcanoes and I even saw Saturn and Jupiter through a telescope at Chivay!! My husband ate Alpaca and Guinea Pig, I couldn’t do it!! Apparently Guinea Pig tasted like duck. I thoroughly recommend a visit!


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